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privacy policy

When using breeze, the app collates usage data which is then aggregated for me to analyse.

The data it collects is completely anonymous and contains zero personal information.

What data does it collect?

The use of functions within the app. For example. If you change the wind chime, it records what chime you used. If you change the background, it records this change also. It does this for every feature of breeze. It also collects the device version and iOS version.

The question you might have, is why?

By analysing the usage patterns across the entire customer base I am able to better refine the features being added to breeze in the future. For example, I can see what type of chime people are preferring and then create more chimes similar to this in the next version. And knowing what device people are using ensures I only add features that can work with the majority of devices.

The data collected is entirely anonymous. In fact, all I can see are what functions of my app people use. Thatís it.

Collecting this data helps me enormously.